Percantile & Creamery Parlor Pop-Up


Who doesn’t like, one stop shopping? With the gas prices on the rise, I would think most of us. What if there was a place that would give you the feel of Starbucks, the pastries of Panera, the ambiance of a polished yet rustic farmer’s café, a section to keep children safe and occupied, and dessert combinations that aren’t comparable to any place. All in all, it’s a place for you, your friends, your family and the children. What place has all that? The Percantile & Creamery. When you walk into the creamery, you feel as though its, a place of unlimited potential. Maybe it’s the energy of the employees, or the fact that they offer wine for the adults, coffee and tea for groups that want to hold events, or the freshly made waffle topped with their homemade, slowly churned ice cream. Maybe it was the fresh brownie or cookie ice cream sandwiches. Or could it be, the many different flavors of ice cream? Flavors ranging from Old fashioned Vanilla to Southern Peach, and whatever you can think of in between. What I suggest is that you take your family, friends and strangers to The Percantile & Creamery and decide for yourself, why they are limitless.