Who we are.

Pursuing Peace is a Charlotte based agency prepared to support and guide you in pursuing peace in your life, health and relationships and guide you in developing a deeper sense of self-awareness as you explore both proven health and mental health benefits of mental health services and how it can benefit your body mind and spirit.



The mission of Pursuing Peace, a culturally responsive organization, is to promote lifelong wellness of individuals, their families, and the community through advocacy, education and support.

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The vision of Pursuing Peace is to promote conversations, in a non-traditional setting by providing awareness, motivation and support to individuals in the community.   We strive to provide impactful services that allow for personal transformation, empowerment and increased self-awareness.

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We maintain the highest standards of quality and ethics and strive for excellence in all aspects of our endeavors with persons served, other agencies, employees, and other stakeholders and commit to be respectful of community differences and individual uniqueness.

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Pursuing Peace is now offering group therapy sessions.

We hope to provide a safe space for individuals and families with this service. The group environment will grant individuals a safe space to share their feelings and thoughts about circumstances that they have in common with others.

Group participants will benefit from these sessions in the following ways.

  • Sounding board for different voices
  • Improve social skills
  • Support personal growth, as well as develop and teach about self-awareness.

Our group rates are $35 for Individuals and $45 for families.


“I’m new to the QC, what’s up?”

This group is for individuals who have relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, and are adjusting to living in a new area. This group will develop skills for life-changing events.

“Sis, you ain't by yourself.”

This group is for women who need reminders and support from other women to keep pushing. This is a safe space for women to share their feelings and thoughts about being a woman in America. A group where being strong isn't a requirement!


“The Village”

This group is a safe space for parents, guardians, and children to address ways to handle mental health issues, relationship barriers, behavioral concerns, and sibling conflict. Children, guardians, and parents will meet separately to allow both parties to be authentic when expressing themselves and gaining support from others.

“Infinity Sistahs”

This group is for teenage girls struggling with self-image, acceptance, peer pressure, bullying, dating, and friendships. Establishing a safe space to engage in conversation with other teenage girls who are also experiencing similar situations.

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