CoCo + Hazel Parlor Pop-Up


If you're in Richmond, Virginia, CoCo + Hazel is the parlor you don't want to skip out on! Their specialty milkshakes are the buzz of the city. The staff at CoCo + Hazel was extremely friendly, professional and educated about their specialty milkshakes/ice creams! Let me tell you about their most prized possession. It's called the Cake Shake. It's a cake batter milkshake topped with a slice of Confetti Cake, whipped cream, served with rainbow sprinkles on the outside of the rim, and of course a cherry on top. Sounds like a sugar rush?! 'Cause IT IS! I enjoyed that ride. The cake was fresh and moist. The milkshake had the perfect consistency. Not too thick and not to runny, but juuuuuust right. And because it had rainbow sprinkles, I tasted the Sprinkle Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, too. That would be my second choice. If you love milk and cookies, this is the specialty item for you. If you can’t handle dairy, no worries, they have countless tea and coffee options. CoCo+ Hazel is the perfect spot for a dessert date, business meeting, or you may also want to have the same sugar rush I did. Either way it's a hit.