Fear Taking The Back Seat

At some point in life we all come to a crossroad. For most of us, it’s the crossroad of Fear and Faith. Which way do you go? Do you allow the concerns of bills, family, circumstances, possible failures, and the ALMIGHTY unknown, take you down  the lane of fear? Or do you take a road less traveled, a road called narrow, a road paved with purpose, to start the thousand mile journey that requires one step in the direction of faith? In the direction of your true happiness and fulfillment. Now that doesn’t mean that there won’t be side roads and highway ramps, called The Easy Rd that leads to the Fear 405. But have no worries, we’re going to help you stay on the Path of Faith. 

On this weeks edition of Trae Scoops, I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Terria J. Watkins, Pharm.D., about her journey down Faith Blvd. We discussed how she had to go in a completely different occupational direction than what she planned. How hard it was to stay the course, as well as, debunking myths about Pharmacy. If you find yourself at a crossroad, this is for you. If you have found your destiny, know that there are more crossroads to come, so this one is also for you. Tell a friend to tell a friend, we’re on our way to destiny.

 So go RIGHT NOW and click the play button below watch me chat it up with Dr. Watkins at CoCo & Hazel in Richmond, VA.