“Trae Gimmie The Scoop” – Intro Post

Have you ever experienced something remarkable? Something lasting? Better yet, something unforgettable? Well, I have.

In 2010, I was scheduled to have pituitary tumor surgery. During the pre-op appointment, the surgeon informed me that I could potentially lose my taste and smell for a year.

At that moment I was extremely hesitant. To know I could possibly be without two of my senses, I would think, that would give anyone a cause to pause. In my heart of hearts, I knew it was the best thing for me.

While in recovery it was reported, to my mother, that I would not eat anything. I would not eat crackers, fruit, not even applesauce. Without thinking, my mom told the staff, “Give her ice cream.” Nurses thought, I would not be able to taste the ice cream.

My mom KNEW, that ice cream was and is my favorite. So they agreed to go forward with my mom’s suggestion. While still resting in recovery, my mother proceeded to give me a cold, creamy, sweet food. The taste was familiar, something I could never forget.

I said, “Ma! God is good! That’s the one with the cows. I can taste it.” She said in an angelic affirming voice,” Yes Baby. It’s Blue Bell.”

You see, ice cream has always been a constant companion in my life. Some of my earliest memories include ice cream.

I would ask, “Can I have ice cream?” after every meal, after playing outside, after brushing my teeth, after being put on punishment, “just one little scoop?”

To needing that one scoop to revoke the notion of, possibly, being tasteless.

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