Queen of Wellness, Kelsey Hargrove gives the Scoop on Wellness for the LOW!

A great philosopher once said “Take what you need.”- Kelsey Hargrove

And THAT’S exactly what, fellow scooper, Kelsey Hargrove and I did, when we visited the number one destination for dessert, The Parlour in Durham NC. We took every sample offered to experience all of their creative combinations. Choices ranging from, Cookies and Coffee, Salted BUTTER Caramel, Saigon Cinnamon, and Mascarpone Olive Oil. Of course they have the classics, BUT they were definitely enhanced. How many times have you had Vanilla ice cream made with vanilla paste?! A Cookies and Cream that would put anybody to shame. The Parlour is not just ice cream, they offer cookies, brownies, and milk shakes. They cater to all crowds with lactose free options, and a vegan selection.  In the same way The Parlour offers so much, so does todays guest, the amazing Kelsey Hargrove.  Kelsey is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer, and Yoga Instructor. We take a dive into how, her experience in those professions makes her a growing expert in the Physical and Emotional elements of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness. How she went through a growth period to get her to where she is now personally and professionally. The influence she has on her clients, and an impactful statement from a client, that Kelsey still holds ‘til this day. “Your body still deserves love.” You have to check out the video to see what was said. Grab a spoon and get a scoop!