Scoop Zone Parlor Pop-Up

Trae Scoops had an opportunity to visit Scoop Zone Saturday July 6. The parlor is located Downtown High Point, near the High Point Rockers ballpark. Scoop Zone is a really cool small town ice cream establishment, that offers a plethora of dessert options. For my lactose defenders (lactose intolerance), Scoop Zone has all natural fruit pops, fresh snow cones and sweet cupcakes. And if you’re concerned about those domestic terrorist that lick ice cream, no worries, Scoop Zone has Blue Bell Ice Cream covered. Not just for safety, but they have variety covered too. Scoop Zone has become known for their Rocket Ball Ice Cream Creation. The Rocket Ball is made up fresh, made to order, cotton candy, your favorite toppings, and the ice cream of your choice. Here’s the Scoop on the Rocket Ball: Envision a thick bottom layer of cotton candy and in the middle you have your favorite flavor of ice cream. The ice cream is then loaded with any topping(s) of your choosing and is topped off and wrapped with another thick layer of cotton candy. Talk about a sugar rush. The ice cream was amazing, not too hard, not too soft... but just right. Shoutout to Goldilocks. I have to admit Scoop Zone was a tad bit pricey compared to other parlors, but I truly enjoyed the experience.

scoop zone

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  1. I’ve heard great things about Scoop Zone as well! I can’t wait to go and visit one day! I’ve also heard that they now have an ice cream truck so if you can’t get to it, they’ll get to you (as long as you’re within range, of course)!

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